Made Up defies the distinction between documentary and fiction by distorting what would otherwise be a standard interview to reveal truth in subjectivity.

Made Up
Owen Eric Wood (Canada)
video, 2008, 4 min. 20 sec.

In an interview that blurs the distinction between documentary and fiction, a man talks candidly about masculinity in relation to what he finds attractive. What appears to be an objective interview is revealed to be social commentary. Through the manipulation of image and sound, a contradiction is created between what is seen and what is heard.

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Black Box screening series "Identity" program (Kulturhuset Borgen Gislaved, Sweden)
art:screen Video Art Screening Program (Vetlanda, Sweden)
ANEMIC Independent Film and New Media Art Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)
Beyond the Mask: Women, Men, and Masculinities (Windsor, Canada)
Beyond the Mask: Women, Men, and Masculinities (Detroit, U.S.A.)


Hamburg International Queer Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany)
Oodaaq Festival (Rennes, France)
Videoholica Special Selection 2010 (Milan, Italy)
Magmart Festival (Naples, Italy)
Espressioni Performing Arts Film Festival (Milan, Italy)
art:screen Exhibition (Orebro, Sweden)
Goteborg International Film Festival (Goteborg, Sweden)


Art Video Screening (Mariehamn, Finland)
Art Video Screening (Vasteras Konstmuseum, Sweden)
Mix Brazil Film Festival of Sexual Diversity (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Brussels Pink Screen Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium)
New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century (Detroit, U.S.A.)
Orebro International Videoart Festival (Orebro, Sweden)
Videoholica International Video Art Festival (Varna, Bulgaria)
Malmo Sommarscen (Malmo, Sweden)
Festival International Montreal en Arts (Montreal, Canada)
Inside Out Toronto GLBT Film and Video Festival (Toronto, Canada)
LOOP Festival - The Platform for VideoArt (Barcelona, Spain)
Benefit Show for the Montreal Underground Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)
Reelout Queer Film and Video Festival (Kingston, Canada)
Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media (Stuttgart, Germany)


Cheries-Cheris GLT Film Festival of Paris (Paris, France)
Mix 22 New York Queer Experimental Film Festival (New York City, U.S.A.)
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival (Kassel, Germany)
Image+Nation (Montreal, Canada)
QueerFilmFest Rostock (Rostock, Germany)
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
Montreal Underground Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)
Torino International GLBT Film Festival (Torino, Italy)
Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois (Montreal, Canada)